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Honey Badger Meets Chaos Elephant


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¬†Dear user :

Hello , we hold regret that I tell you that , by the central bank policy, bit era has been adopted from third-party payment will be suspended tonight , can not continue to use the 24 points tonight . Upon request, we will also revoke the transfer of bank card recharge methods .

Some time ago, circulated on the Internet on April 15 halted Bitcoin trading platform statement, the central bank has been the rumor . However, the central bank recently based on the contents of last December 5 five ministries notice for further consolidation, is to determine the existence of the fact that we have received the news this evening from banks and third-party payment .

We will strictly comply with the notification provisions of the central bank and to suspend recharge the renminbi, and the renminbi business to cash , virtual currency elution business, is still completely normal. Bit era has total assets of more than 100% of users reserve , the user need not worry about financial security issues .

To address this problem, we ‘ve got some subsequent operations optimization program, the times will be normal operations , but in this sensitive moment , we are temporarily unable to reveal more .

Meanwhile, we hope that we realize from such events , the recent chaos in the industry has too many money- raising means endless variety of industry confusion ultimately hurt the industry itself , we call on everyone from the industry point of view of health , consciously resist chaos elephant .

However, no matter how the road , please give some of righteousness in this emerging industry , to encourage some of our emerging platforms , bit era service will always make you a comfortable , will continue to focus on the healthy development of the field of virtual currency .

Bit Era
April 2, 2014